Above and Beyond Fitness

Voted Airdrie’s Best Fitness Facility 3 Years Running, and Winner of the Family Friendly Award presented by the City of Airdrie

CrossFit 403 is Airdrie’s premier fitness facility. When it comes to fitness, no one around does it better. Our mission is to go above and beyond just an awesome workout; we want to be the place you look forward to going to every day, a place for fun, laughter, fitness, and community.

Our community is made up of the friendliest, and hardest working group of people we know. Inside and outside the walls of CrossFit 403, we’re family. And just like family, we joke, compete and share of ourselves with each other. We firmly believe there’s a reason we’ve been honored as Best Fitness Facility 3 years running — our amazing, go-above-and-beyond community.

Between our constantly varied functional movement workouts performed at high-intensity and the support of our community, you’re sure to find the best fitness program, bar-none. Our methodology is proven, and our coaching team is unmatched. We’re skilled at what we do and are excited to share our passion for fitness with you.

The magic is in the movement, the art is in the programming, the science is in the explanation, and the fun is in the community

Greg Glassman

Go above and beyond fitness.

Your Fitness Playground

Our 5,000 sq ft facility is designed with one thing in mind — functional fitness. That means we’re equipped with everything we need to design fun and exciting workouts to challenge everyone from the beginner to the elite athlete. We can take you from the basics all the way to the upper echelon of weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning within our 4 walls. Our facility is open, spacious and always welcoming.

  • The programming, coaching, guidance and inspiration I get from everyone at 403 have made a huge difference in my life. The welcoming atmosphere and camaraderie of the Box have helped me develop my confidence as well as learn so much about myself and what I am capable of. These have been invaluable assets that I have been able to apply to my everyday life and I am grateful to CrossFit 403 for that gift.

    Lori Giroux

  • CF403 is like a 2nd home to me, I have made so many wonderful friends here and am so lucky to be a member of such an awesome gym that is unlike any other! I can never say thank you enough toHeather and the rest of the coaching staff at CF403!!

    Kelly Campbell

  • I am much stronger than I thought I was 3 years ago. I am physically stronger, in better shape, and finally, can see that I do have muscle! But even more than that, mentally, I have more confidence than I have ever had. I feel as though I can conquer anything that comes my way.


  • Since joining, my personal fitness has improved, my desire to do better on each and every exercise is increasing, my range of motion and flexibility has improved and better yet, my circle of friends has grown.

    Joe Stubbs

  • The coaches are all amazing and truly care about your success, they know when to push you harder and when to tell you to scale back so you can get the form correct first. It really is a family and everyone is welcomed with open arms, that’s something I’ve never experienced at another fitness class or gym. I’m a lot fitter than I was and still feel like I have work to do but I find myself measuring goals in terms of strength, like being able to do a pull-up, instead of the number on a scale.

    Jaclyn Ung

  • CrossFit is for everybody! Heather and Regan have created a culture there that extends from their coaches right through to members such as myself

    Mike Bowman